What clients are saying...

Coaching is a powerful tool for individuals and corporations to achieve tremendous success.


“Nicole’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me through tough choices both professionally and personally, and guiding me on a career path that has made me truly happy and more fulfilled. Her coaching style is honest and insightful. I truly leave each session inspired and more driven than I was when I got there”

Kate /Individual client


“I am extremely thrilled to have worked with Nicole and feel she has been an extremely valuable and supportive mentor in my journey to better health. I found her coaching method to be very innovative with a strong focus on re-wiring the brain. This approach allowed me to look at some of my old habits through a completely different and more suitable lens for growth and personal development. Nicole is kind, empathetic and creative with a real knack for assessing people on an individual level and meeting them wherever they are at in their journey. She gives people a safe place to process their challenges and the tools needed to move forward with a healthier and more peaceful state of mind.

Chelsey /Individual client


“I am still searching for a way to thank you for all of the guidance, light, motivation, accountability and support (could go on) that I found in you and your coaching sessions! I will NEVER forget the time we spent together and will never underestimate the power of seemingly simple exercises :)”

S.S. /Individual client


“The experience I’ve had from coaching with Nicole has brought me some very insightful theories on my life. She is very upbeat and outgoing. She has shown me some great tips and tricks to keep me on track and to treat myself with love, respect and kindness.”

Kerry /Individual client


“Nicole is a godsend. When we met it was perfect timing. I was recovering from a season of a lot of depression and anxiety as well as preparing to embark on an epic journey across the world. She asks the insightful questions, getting to the core of things. Her techniques and playfulness keep things open and vulnerability natural. Her demeanor is soft, warm, and inviting. Her insight and wisdom inspiring and brilliant. Truly, she helps me get in touch with my own wisdom and voice. I appreciate the camaraderie whether in laughter or tears. We converse from the heart and both seem to get something out of our sessions. I look forward to seeing her every time. Gratitude abounds.”

Archer /Individual client


“My sessions with Nicole have been beyond amazing! I went in expecting something good, but came out smiling from ear to ear, experiencing something fantastic! Nicole’s warm, authentic demeanor makes it so easy to open up to her and have a deep meaningful coaching session. She radiates positivity, and really knows how to help guide you in many aspects of your life. I would highly recommend Nicole’s coaching sessions to anyone!

Melissa /Individual client


“In addition to helping individuals, you make a huge difference to our managers too. There are simply times when one of us may feel like we’ve brought a conversation as far we can and to have a professional coach on staff (plus that it is YOU and you are very, very good at what you do) that we can refer one of our employees to is incredible and really makes a difference. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

Robin /corporate client

“Nicole’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me through tough choices both professionally and personally”

Kate / Calgary

“Thank you for helping me see from a different perspective and in a very peaceful way the many options that are around my process in time.”

Leticia / Calgary

“Working with Nicole as my Life Coach has given me the direction I needed to focus on many important things in my life.”

James / Calgary