Coaching for Corporations

I value helping businesses foster the happiest and healthiest employees they can have. I am on your side working to support your Human Resources team.

Meet the Coach

Free – A 1 hour session to meet the coach, ask questions and experience what coaching will be like for your group.

Lunch and Learn

A mini health intensive conducted in a coaching format so everyone walks away with personalized actions to move forward with.  Ex. Breaking through obstacles for healthier eating.


Half Day Workshop

4 hour workshop conducted in coaching style. Attendees bring their individual health challenge to the workshop and walk away with actionable steps and accountability to move forward. A handout with recipes and a draw prize is included. Ex. Finding happiness in a hectic life.

$ 1200.00

Full Day Workshop

7.5 hour coaching workshop where we work together to customize the workshop to meet your business focus for healthier employees. Conducted in a coaching format to ensure the momentum is continued after the workshop. Ex. How to use your strengths to be a better leader in the workplace.

Cost is negotiated