Book of the Month – Well Nourished

As a life coach I am all about self help books. I personally have read hundreds of them over the years. Recently I decided it would be valuable to start including some of my favorite books on the blog.  Not everyone is ready for coaching but you may be ready to check out this book. This might just be the book that starts the unraveling for you!

Well Nourished by Andrea Lieberstein is a beautiful book with a hands on approach. The major revelation I got was a phenomenon I noticed in my coaching but didn’t pull it together until reading this book . Most of us realize we may be emotional or stress eaters but a lot of my clients were starving for creativity and intellectual stimulation too! This book expanded my awareness of the essential elements we all need.

Well Nourished has lots of tools, meditations and mindful practices that can be individualized to your own unique needs. I believe however you would need to be quite focused and dedicated to do all of the exercises. This is a book you would need time to work through and may come back to several times in your journey.

That being said I recommend this book as one of the tools for you to start getting your health and confidence back in line.

Happy reading!


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