To support women with eating and body image challenges discover their strengths and beauty. To get to the heart of the matter and help them love and honor themselves so that they can focus on and devote their energy to what really matters in life.

The Foundation

Feast coaching was founded on the notion that everyone deserves to live their happiest and healthiest life free from the burden of eating and body image challenges. A life of rich abundance where you are free to belly up to the table of life and choose what you please. This includes eating what you love, feeling healthy and strong and feeling good about yourself and your body.

I believe anyone including you can get to a place where food is no longer an issue and that you can develop a new respect for food, your body and yourself! You can get to a place of self-acceptance and trust again. There is no exception to this rule.

It feels glorious to be deeply nourished on all levels. Come and join me on this side. It is your turn to step up and start living a “Feast filled life” today!


Nicole Boisvert CHNC, ACC – Founder

I love to help people! I am especially energize to help people eat well and to feel more confident in themselves. It is so fulfilling to see people grow and blossom into who they really are.

I had a childhood that left me with an eating disorder, low self esteem, poor self confidence and feeling pretty alone in the world. I experienced anorexia from the time I was 7 until I was 37.  It was such a heart breaking burden that never let up. Restriction of not only food but all areas of my life was all that I knew.

In my early 20’s a light switch went off and I decided I needed to heal myself of this terrible disorder.  I remember specifically thinking I want to have children and I want them to live happy lives. I somehow knew I needed to straighten out my act so they could have something better.

Naturally curious I have spent over 20 years exploring alternate modalities, practitioners, foods, diets, fitness, supplements and personal development. I sometimes joke that I had a practitioner addiction! I felt there was always something wrong with me that I needed to correct in order to be acceptable to others and later I realized to myself.

I somehow ended up going to a Tibetan Medicine Man on a suggestion from a friend. At the visit and within two minutes of meeting each other he looked deeply into my eyes and told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I am perfect just the way I am. In that moment I burst out crying because I was so profoundly touched by his statement. Acceptance of myself and who I am began that day.

As I began to find answers to some of my questions, I naturally started to share with others. I know now that I became a nutritionist due to the eating disorder and that it was a way to heal myself while honoring my value of helping others. The eating disorder was such an immense challenge for me that it has become my purpose to help others take the short cut to positive eating, body image and health so they don’t have to waste 30 years like I did. It breaks my heart to understand how much women struggle with food and body image issues.

I take a holistic approach to food and use my life coaching skills (Certified with the International Coaching Federation) to really draw out the mental and emotional challenges behind eating patterns.  I take a real world practical approach to eating in a gentle and caring way that helps to create real and lasting results.  A change of perspective and mindset and turning love on ourselves can make all the difference in a woman’s life, eating and her confidence.

I now live in a place of appreciation for my body and what it has helped me through including child birth, illness, an eating disorder, just every day life and a triathalon and more. What a wonderful gift I have been given. I largely eat intuitively now and no longer obsess. What a relief to get to a place of acceptance!

Getting to a place of trust, acceptance and love for yourself and feeling confident in who you are is within your reach. I know this for sure.

Contact me for a free, no obligation meet the coach session to learn more about what I do at nicole@feastcoaching.com

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