Empowered Mindset

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. I help you tap into this innate ability to achieve your food goals and feel better about yourself.


Solid Nutritional Foundation

Nutrition is a key foundation to nourish yourself well. I don’t just give you information, we work together to develop a new way forward based on your personal strengths.

Lifestyle Plan

All aspects of life have an effect on food and how you feel about yourself such as career, life transition, relationships and stress as examples. I help you create a life that supports eating and a positive body image.

What Do I Do?

You are smart and know what you should be eating and that exercise is important but you just don’t do it! Do you feel like you are in an endless loop of dieting and trying to feel and look your best? You are not alone. 50% of women are on some sort of diet at any one time. It is time to take a new perspective and approach!

I use certified life coaching techniques, holistic nutrition,  health industry experience, encouragement, support and a non-judgmental  approach to help you to discover what is missing so you can tap into your strengths to achieve lasting success. I am here to provide the support and accountability you need.

I don’t just pass along more information. I listen and get to know you and your strengths, values and goals. Together we get to the root of your ideal eating, exercise and life plan. No one plan is the same. I don’t tell you what you need to do; I get curious and ask you thoughtful questions about you. You are in control of the process and it is my role to keep you on track. I help you get to your ideal through a series of manageable steps.

Six Steps to Success:

1. We work together to clarify the goals you want to achieve.

2. We work together to identify where you are falling down.

3. We develop strategies to help you break through the obstacles and the endless cycle

4. You apply your new tools for success with my support

5. We make adjustments as necessary as you progress

6. We measure and celebrate your success! Yahoo!

Team Approach

I am on your team helping you get to the heart of the matter. Having had eating challenges myself I can empathize. Having a non-judgmental, neutral third party and powerful ally on your journey is key.

Coaching Techniques

I am certified through the International Coaching Federation and have 500 hours of coaching under my belt.  My experience both professionally and personally helps you get clarity on what you really want and how to move past the obstacles getting in your way.


I work with you discover your unique path to eating well and loving your body. No two journeys are the same. It is the most powerful and sustainable way to achieve the change you are longing for.

  • My coaching is kind, caring and heart centered
  • There is no doubt in my mind you can be free of your eating and body image challenges
  • Trusting myself to choose nourishing foods and self-acceptance marked the beginning of the end of my eating challenges

“Nicole helped me realize I am teeming with options! Through the process of exploring different perspectives, I was able to formulate a new plan that fully encompassed my talents, my necessity for growth, and all of my desires to be successful on my terms. I want to thank Nicole for creating a safe space for me to be vulnerable and in turn finding strength in my vulnerability. She has challenged me to answer difficult questions while also gain new insight about myself. I have always felt empowered after our sessions and unburdened by self-doubt.”

Jessica. /Individual client

Are you longing to break free from your eating and body image challenges?

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